Photo Challenge

Photo Challenge

How can women feel as if they belong in robotics if we can’t see any pictures of women building or programming robots? The Civil Rights Activist Marian Wright Edelman aptly said, “You can’t be what you can’t see.” We’d like you all to take photos of women building and coding robots and share them with us!

Here’s a handy guide to what a great photo looks like with some awesome examples. This is a great opportunity for research labs and robotics companies to showcase their talented women and other underrepresented groups.

You can’t be what you can’t see.

If you’ve ever searched for images of women building robots to promote your inclusive activities, you know just how few suitable images are available online.

Let’s make women working in robotics more visible. Let’s help make it more desirable for women to work in robotics and for companies/labs to showcase women (and nonbinary and underrepresented people!) and let’s inspire, connect and advance the women that are working in robotics and the women who’d like to work in robotics.

What makes a great photo?

  • Real robot/programming (not toy/sci-fi robot)
  • Adult (not school age)
  • An active single subject at the forefront of the image (not a group of people)
  • The subject is using tools, code, or sensors to build or deploy robots.
  • Unbranded image (small logos in background ok)
  • Permission from subject


1. Take a photo or animated gif

Help us by taking high quality photos of women, non-binary and underrepresented people (with permission!) engaging in actively building and programming robots.

2. Upload them to Wikimedia

Upload them to Wikimedia Commons for anyone to use.


  • Women and Technology
  • Females with Machines

Send a link of your contribution to We’ll link to your photos and give your lab/company a shout-out.

4. Share on social media

Use the tags #WomenInRobotics #PhotoChallenge.

Be sure to repost/reshare others’ contributions and follow Women in Robotics to see more!