Project Connect

Project Connect

What is it

Project Connect is our initiative to connect women who are working on robotics or those who aspire to. The Women in Robotics network allows you access to opportunities you might be able to find on your own. We provide an active slack community, local chapters, and virtual events. These activities are designed to broaden both your knowledge of robotics, and your network. Networking has been shown as one of the most effective methods for accelerating the pace of your career development and providing you with more opportunities to succeed.

All Women in Robotics activities are conducted under a strict Code of Conduct to ensure the safety and security of attendees.

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Local chapters

Women in Robotics chapters are volunteer-run communities that allow you to connect to other women in robotics, develop your professional skills, and give back to your local area.

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Virtual events

Learn more about other women in robotics, robotic technology, and career development at one of our events.

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