We are excited that you are interested in joining our community and supporting our mission of promoting gender diversity and inclusion in the field of robotics.

As a volunteer for Women in Robotics, you will have the opportunity to:



We would like to take a moment to recognize and thank our current volunteers for their hard work and dedication to Women in Robotics. Our volunteers are the backbone of our organization, and we are grateful for their contributions.

We are continually inspired by the passion and commitment of our volunteers, and we could not do what we do without their support. Thank you to all of our current volunteers for helping to make Women in Robotics a success.

Yael Zekaria

Yael Zekaria

PhD Candidate

Bristol Robotics Laboratory (University of Bristol and University of the West of England)

Chapter Organizer
Andra Keay

Andra Keay

Managing Director and VP Global Robotics

Silicon Valley Robotics and The Association of Manufacturing Technologies

Chapter Organizer Advisory Board Board of Directors Media
Dharini Dutia

Dharini Dutia

Robotics Software Engineer


Board of Directors Chapter Organizer Mentoring Other