Women in Robotics Day 2024

Women in Robotics Day 2024

October 2th

On Women in Robotics Day 2024, we shine a light on the often overlooked innovators and pioneers whose visionary ideas and contributions have been instrumental in propelling the field of robotics forward. These unsung women in robotics have defied stereotypes, blazed trails, and solved complex challenges - yet their stories have gone largely untold.

Today, we shine a light on these remarkable women and their achievements. From academic researchers and entrepreneurial founders to factory engineers and inspiring educators, we celebrate the diverse impact of women across all areas of robotics.

Join us in this celebration by honoring the women roboticists in your communities, organizations and networks. Host events, share their stories widely, and inspire the next generation to follow in their footsteps. Together, we can foster greater recognition for women and support a future where diverse talents drive robotics innovation.

Whose story will you shine a light on today? Tag #ShineALight to spotlight the women in robotics you know who are transforming our world.

Shine a light

This year’s theme for International Women in Robotics Day, “Shine a Light,” emphasizes the importance of recognizing and celebrating the often overlooked contributions of women in the field of robotics. By shining a light on their achievements, we aim to bring visibility to their groundbreaking work, inspire the next generation of female innovators, and promote greater diversity and inclusion within the industry. Highlighting these women’s stories not only acknowledges their vital role but also encourages a more equitable environment where talent from all backgrounds can thrive and propel the field forward.



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Host an event

Join us in making a powerful impact by hosting an event for International Women in Robotics Day under this year’s theme, “Shine a Light.” By hosting an event, you will not only create a platform for knowledge exchange and networking but also help bring visibility to the achievements of women in robotics. Whether it’s a panel discussion, a hands-on workshop, or a showcase of groundbreaking projects, your event can highlight the contributions of women, inspire future innovators, and promote an inclusive environment that drives progress in the field.

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Participate in our Photo Challenge

Join our photo challenge to shine a light on women working in robotics. Capture images of women building and coding robots to highlight their contributions and inspire future roboticists. This is a great opportunity for research labs and robotics companies to showcase their talented women and under represented groups.

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Consider supporting International Women in Robotics Day! You can make a difference by either donating directly or purchasing a Women in Robotics Day shirt or merchandise, with proceeds going towards our mission. Your contribution helps us celebrate and empower women in robotics, fostering a diverse and inclusive community. Wear your shirt proudly as a symbol of your commitment to gender equality and innovation in the field. Join us in making a positive impact and showcasing your support for a more inclusive world of robotics.

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